By Tim Hurley – Director of Communications

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”

― Bernard M. Baruch

Sometimes you get to return to a place you’ve been to and learn even more.

Long Island’s oldest and largest public relations trade organization holds board meetings in all sorts of places – law firms, PR agencies, people’s living rooms. This week, the Public Relations Professionals of Long Island board convened at WPIX-11, thanks to board member Jessica Bellucci, VP of Communications at Tribune Broadcasting.

I spent nearly the first half of my career with Tribuners. They were partners in, and distributed a syndicated talk show some might still remember called, The Geraldo Rivera Show, or as it was known when I started as an intern, Geraldo!. By the time I made it to producer, we shot the last season of the show at WPIX studios on 42nd and 3rd.

So, it was great to see the place again and take in a tour of the studios with my fellow PRPLI peeps. The meteorologist on air that day, the same one who presented the weather in the studio behind the one I worked in twenty years ago, was Mr. G. He was so enthused about showing us around and explaining how things worked. We felt more than welcome watching the 5:00 newscast.

Later, as our board met in a conference room, Mr. G crashed the party with some words of wisdom. First, he wanted to know what we all did for a living. He listened and asked some questions. Then, he gave us some advice he really wanted us to know:

He said one thing’s really important in business – listening. He says it often marks the difference between A and B people vs. B- and C people. Good people take the time to listen. He says if you notice a person not making the effort to listen to you, it means they don’t respect you. And if you feel you deserve respect, you’re likely dealing with someone more of the C variety.

Interesting. It’s kind of like giving the speaker a better answer as to why their words are falling on dead air. Ever wonder about that? Of course most of us recognize when we present an idea badly but what about when we’re discussing something we’re passionate about? Something we know a great deal about? Is the person across the table even interested?

If you’ve hired a professional services firm and you haven’t yet spoken to the founder and CEO, if you’re not being updated on matters you’ve done your best to declare – before you feel the need to ask about them, you’re not being respected.

Respect is an ideal we value most at Cahill Strategies. Between our CEO, Diane Cahill, and our Director of Client Relations, Kristin Senese, you’re going to experience respect. It’s what we do.

Sometimes it takes a trip back to truly remember how something works and know you still understand it.

The weather? It respects no one.  If you want an idea of how it’s going to go, Mr. G reports it weekdays at 5 and 10PM on WPIX 11.