Kristin Senese – Director of Client Relations

Kristin Senese brings her experience in political education, community outreach, and the private higher education fields to the Cahill Strategies team. She previously worked at a government relations and communications firm, where she spent her time dedicated to clients, and their individual needs, while expanding her knowledge of the New York legislative process on the Local, City and State levels, and the subsequent regulations that govern the New York construction industry. Kristin worked directly with clients to advocate for their project needs and goals in a variety of industries. Kristin also worked at a private university; while there she worked with students, faculty, parents, and outside vendors to ensure the betterment of the students and the university community as a whole.

Kristin is a double alumnus of St. John’s University; she has her M.A. in Government and Politics with a concentration in International Relations, a minor in Public Administration, and a certification in International Law. She received her B.A. in Government Relations. She had a passion for studying the effects that the government has on different cultures and she continues to study the ongoing effects that the different bodies of government have on the communities they serve. She is a firm believer that education does not stop when you finish school; the government is continually changing and it is necessary that those who advocate for the needs of their clients need to continually expand their knowledge of the affects of the government on their clients industries.

During her time at St. John’s, Kristin spent time living oversees in an effort to diversify her portfolio and expand her knowledge of various cultures and communities. She has traveled, lived, and taken part in community outreach programs on three continents and over twenty countries during her efforts to better herself and expand her knowledge on different societies. Kristin seeks to use her time overseas to better understand different perspectives and views that will enhance the client experience. Furthermore, she seeks to understand the different perspectives and goals of each client in an effort to anticipate the needs for every project.

Licenses held:

  • OSHA 10
  • Licensed NYC DOB Class 1 Filing Representative
Kristen Senese
Kristen SeneseDirector of Client Relations

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