Raymond Webb – Construction and Transportation Consultant

Raymond Webb is a former Senior Operations Executive and Regional Director of Facilities Management at the New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority – Bridges and Tunnels. In his role at the MTA, he held various cumulatively responsible positions including Superintendent of Operations, General Manager of Bridges and Regional Director of Bridges and Tunnels.

Ray brings 30 years of knowledge and experience to our Transportation Department service portfolio. His vast leadership and management knowledge of regional transportation operations and facilities management includes construction project management (roads and bridges), maintenance and engineering, customer service, public safety and security, and business and community relations.

As Cahill Strategies’ Transportation Consultant, Ray adds great value and insight to our transportation solutions practice area.

His knowledge, skills, and abilities in transportation and infrastructure leadership recently saw him at the forefront of many regional innovative transportation solutions. Those initiatives include planning and implementation of Open Road Tolling (ORT), post-Superstorm Sandy infrastructure rebuilding and mitigation projects, and regional traffic coordination to minimize commuting impacts to tristate area residents and customers.

Raymond Webb
Raymond WebbConstruction and Transportation Consultant

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