Ron Bolosan – Communications Associate

As a communications associate, Ron is eager to lend his talents to the firm’s clients across all practice areas. With a successful track record of using his creative talents in the areas of creating website content, engaging through social media platforms, and his ability to blog for a diverse group of client matters, he’s an integral part of our communications services.

Ron is finishing up his education at Farmingdale State College, where he majors in Professional Communications, with a focus in the areas of advertising, marketing, and public relations. He couples this skill set with a passion for both philosophy and psychology when working on a broad spectrum of client matters. He is a passionate and creative communications consultant who understands the true complexities of executing a multi-faceted communications strategy.

As the former President and on-screen personality of his Broadcasting Club, Ron enjoys showcasing his talents in the visual field of the firm. He finds great joy in speaking to stakeholders about client matters, both in the non-profit and for-profit world of business. He easily adapts to being a spokesperson for client issues.

Having spent a large portion of his professional life in sales, Ron quickly honed his communications and networking skills through constant communication with customers and clients. He then soared through the ranks of his former company, where he created his own team. Ron’s can-do attitude and utmost respect for our clients shows in all he does.

Ron understands that the world is always changing and that our firm must adapt quickly to always meet their communication needs. Using all the lessons he has learned throughout his educational career, professional career, and personal life, Ron truly aspires to do everything he can to help better our company and the clients we serve. He works his hardest to put a smile on the faces of those around him, all while wearing one himself.

Ron Bolosan
Ron BolosanCommunications Associate

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