Construction Dive: How to encourage Hispanic participation amid the construction labor shortage

Census Bureau numbers show that, in 2015, Hispanics edged out their white, non-Hispanic counterparts in New York City's construction workforce and represented 37.75% of all workers, according to a recent New York City Building Congress report. The margin, only 0.01%, was very small, but it represents a departure from a time when white workers dominated the industry. In 2008, for example, white workers represented 43% of the city’s construction industry, while Hispanics were only 31%.

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Client Spotlight: The Neighborhood House of Sayville

The Neighborhood House of Sayville provides free counseling to family members devastated by an all-too-common kind of tragedy in Suffolk County free of charge.

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Client News: Park Slope’s landmarked Brooklyn Lyceum shows off its lovely restored facade

The Brooklyn Lyceum had been at the center of a preservation battle for years before new owner Greystone Development abandoned plans to convert the landmarked building into condos, and instead restore the building, and use it as a gym.

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