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New York Government Relations

Cahill Strategies, LLC. helps our clients set strategic government relations goals aligned with their public policy agenda to achieve results and meaningful outcomes. Our full range of services and broad-based practices assure that each client can positively navigate State and Local government in our complex legislative environment.

We help clients become known to key decision makers and stakeholders on a Federal, State, City, and Local level. We engage with all levels of government agencies and build effective and meaningful relationships before you need them. We help you to tell your important story so decision makers and stakeholders will turn to you when they need vital information. We also serve clients who seek greater visibility in the policy community at all levels of government, but who do not necessarily require lobbying services.

Our government relations services include:

  • Developing and implementing a strategic government relations plan;
  • Developing policy and outreach messages and materials;
  • Representation before NYC OATH;
  • Preparing position memos and testimony;
  • Drafting legislative;
  • Monitoring, analyzing, and responding to legislative and regulatory activity;
  • Identifying and securing public funding opportunities i.e.:  Federal, State, City, and Local;
  • Connecting clients with key decision makers and stakeholders;
  • Conducting presentations on the legislative process, policy topics, the budget process, and current political landscape;
  • Developing grassroots outreach campaigns;
  • Identifying procurement opportunities;
  • Grant writing;
  • Navigating the procurement process;
  • Blocking legislation at all levels of government.

Cahill Strategies has a reputation for effectiveness and integrity in representing our clients.  Our unique brand of government relations, advocacy, and communications enables us to execute a multi-faceted campaign to achieve our clients’ goals through timely and effective representation.

Government Relations News

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