Eric Silverman – Communications Associate

Eric is a detailed and passionate writer who takes the time to listen, understand, and approach each client’s needs on an individual and carefully curated basis. Having previously spent almost two-years writing for an online national news publication as well as a few months as a foot-soldier on a local State-Senate campaign, he has been heavily influenced by the discussions and discourse he picked up along the way and tends to channel that into his work.

A recent graduate of Suffolk County Community College, Eric is eyeing on finishing up his bachelor’s degree at Stony Brook University with a focus on Journalism. His unique perspective and background presents clients with a memorable social media presence and his brief stint as a content writer has given him a keen understanding of how to draw an audience in and relay the necessary information in an interesting and constructive way.

Eric remains a talented and professional writer with an effective ability to promote company branding and improve public image. With a proactive mindset and extensive experience in dealing with for and not-for-profit clients make him a critical player in the Cahill Strategies arsenal.

Eric Silverman
Eric SilvermanCommunications Associate

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