Kaitlyn Cahill – Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations at Cahill Strategies, Kaitlyn is a visionary leader with excellent management skills and a knack for directing company operations in a growth-minded direction. She leverages her excellent leadership and teamwork skills to ensure that company objectives are completed on time for a broad spectrum of clients. In her role as VP, Kaitlyn oversees her team and the smooth operation of all matters related to Finance, Contracts, Compliance, and Human Resources, ensuring that everything we do at Cahill revolves around providing the best service to our clients.

Kaitlyn has the ability to quickly assess situations and learn on the spot, which enables her to make far-reaching decisions for the company, contributing to our successful growth. She fosters a welcoming environment at the firm, in addition to her leadership and creative vision which has greatly benefited the team that she leads and company development for the future.

Kaitlyn is directly responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day operations run efficiently and without error. She believes that mentoring and respecting our employees has helped us build a team of professionals who make our firm what it is today. As Vice President of Operations, Kaitlyn will continue to lead the company to success with her strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities and help guide our company through its next phase of expansion.

Kaitlyn Cahill
Kaitlyn CahillVice President of Operations

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