Robert Ackley – Government Relations Associate

As a Government Relations Associate with years of professional and managerial experience in high-volume, fast-paced environments, Robert has mastered the skills of communicating clearly and effectively with clients to meet high standards of operation. As our firm continues to unite our clients with legislators that can help them carry out their strategic government relations plans, Robert’s solid background in building loyal relationships through friendly and consistent interactions makes him ideal for establishing strong connections between elected officials and our clients, helping them achieve real results.

Robert’s extensive backdrop has also provided him with a strong foundation of control management and organization, which has proven both beneficial and necessary as he undertakes tasks of monitoring, analyzing, and responding to relevant legislative activity, preparing position memos, identifying procurement opportunities, and navigating the procurement process all on behalf of our clients. When combined with his positive attitude and determination, Robert serves as a valued member of our Government Relations team.

Robert Ackley
Robert AckleyGovernment Relations Associate

Office: 631-770-3840

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