Today is Giving Tuesday and we all know what that means! It is a moment to create an international day of giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season. So, after all of the plentiful Thanksgiving meals, awkward family conversations, and stupendous holiday spending, it’s time to give back. There are organizations that give year-round, not just during the holidays, and don’t ask for anything in return. Two of these wonderful groups are Luv Michael and The Nassau Suffolk Autism Society of America (NSASA)

Luv Michael is a non-profit organization that produces snackable, high-quality granola with local, organic ingredients. The company was founded on the idea that those diagnosed with Autism should be able to learn how to thrive in a working environment and sustain employment. All their proceeds go towards helping to train, educate, and employ individuals with Autism. An organization that is truly making a difference and creates from the heart.

The Nassau Suffolk Autism Society of America is a parent-run organization whose mission is to support individuals with autism in their local community. Through their fundraising efforts, they are able to provide free educational, social, and recreational opportunities to families touched by autism. NSASA takes the concept of community to a whole new level and continuously accepts new members into their program. An organization that puts others first and always will.

Two organizations, two missions, Giving Tuesday. These are two incredible, dedicated groups, that are trying something unique. They include everyone and actually mean it, and they can always use your help. So, ask yourself, “On today, this day of giving, could I do what they do year-round? Donate, spread the word, and pay it forward. You won’t regret it.