Construction Case Study: ADA Compliance & Specialized Meter Placement


A project in Long Island City comprising 46 townhomes, arranged in three clusters, faced delays due to unfavorable determinations by the Department of Buildings (DOB) in two areas. The first issue was ADA compliance regarding the proposed setback, which, if not resolved, would require costly redesigns, reducing the number of units and/or square footage per unit, potentially halting the project. The second issue involved the placement of gas meters, with the DOB and ConEd requiring the meters to be installed inside each unit, contrary to community aesthetic preferences.


Cahill Strategies advocated tirelessly for the project, engaging with the local Community Board and neighbors to address the gas meter placement concerns. We proposed installing the meters on the exterior of the building with a semi-enclosure to prevent tampering while maintaining community aesthetics. Additionally, we worked with the DOB through numerous meetings over three weeks, referencing other projects as precedents to resolve the ADA compliance issue.


Cahill Strategies successfully collaborated with the NYC DOB, DOT, the local Community Board, neighbors, and ConEd to resolve both issues, allowing the project to proceed. The project is now three-quarters built and progressing well. We continue to consult for this client.

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