Cahill Blog: In-House Video Production – The Families of Nassau Suffolk Autism Society of America

At Cahill Strategies, communications campaigns are an opportunity to dig into a client’s business and tell their story. Of all the stories we tell, nothing moves us quite like those of our non-profit clients that work to enrich, enhance, and improve the lives of so many people.

Nassau Suffolk Autism Society of America helps over 2,000 families with autistic children live and enjoy life like any other family. Through their specially planned events at movie theatres, restaurants, theme parks, and museums, the families of NSASA get to enjoy family time just like everyone else does. This social interaction and learning process have an immense effect on the development of these children and their families alike.

For this piece, we interviewed Jill, Tom, and son, Gavin Emde about how NSASA has helped them enjoy more time together, going to Broadway shows and taking long airplane trips. We also spoke with Christa, Jack, son Nicky, and brother, Jimmy Lucarelli – an 18-year-old man with autism who is now auditing classes at Molloy College for his first semester and is hoping to enroll fully next year.

You will hear both families say that they never thought they would come as far as they have. This, of course, means they have many more accomplishments yet to celebrate.

That’s the point.  In these stories lie hope and promise as well as proof that the work of so many dedicated people is worth the effort.  It just takes careful eyes and ears to tell the tale in the best way we can. What’s your story? What are you hoping to achieve or bring attention to?

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