6/15: New Local Law 149 – Primary Construction Superintendents

Updated: June 15, 2022

As of June 1, 2022, per Local Law 149 of 2021, no individual may be designated as the primary construction superintendent for more than five jobs.

Summary from Cahill Strategies Director of Construction Code and Safety, Bobby D’Alessio:

Prior to this change, a CS could be designated on up to 10 projects, provided he was able to fulfill all his code and rule mandated duties. The revised code will gradually reduce the number of jobs that a construction superintendent can be designated on from the current 10 to 1 over a period of approximately 4 years beginning on June 1, 2022 and ending on 01-01-26. The reduction will go from 10 jobs to 5 jobs to 3 jobs to 1 job. However, beginning 11-07-22, if a construction superintendent is designated on a major building, he can be designated on no other job. CS will continue to be able to designate a “competent person” to fill in when CS is not on site until 01-01-26.


  • 06-01-22: CS can only serve on 5 jobs (non-major)
  • 11-07-22: CS required on a major building and can serve on only 1 job, if that job is a major bldg.
  • 01-01-24: CS can serve on only 3 jobs (non-major buildings).
  • 01-01-26: CS can serve on only 1 job (non-major or major buildings)

Exception: Based upon a variance (CCD-1), a CS can serve on multiple non-major buildings on the same lot or contiguous lots.


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Cahill Welcomes Bob D’Alessio

bob dalessio Robert “Bobby” D’Alessio, is a former New York City Department of Buildings Senior Executive Director of Construction Safety. Mr. D’Alessio’s focus is predominately in the areas of construction code and safety analysis for our clients’ major new building and renovation projects in the New York City and surrounding regions.

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