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NYC’s 2022 Chapter 33 Construction Code Revisions – BC 3304.7 – Access to Excavations

The existing code required at least one means of egress from general open-cut excavations. The revision incorporates the OSHA requirement for multiple means of ingress/egress for trenches (trench definition: 4 feet or greater in depth and 15 feet or less in width) greater than 25 feet in length.

NYC’s 2022 Chapter 33 Construction Code Revisions – BC 3303.16 Worker Sheds, Contractor Sheds, and Similar Structures

The revised code now requires the installation of smoke detectors and wet sprinklers or dry chemical extinguishers (commonly used today) and compliance with egress requirements of Chapter 10, as they relate to door width and travel distance.

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NYC’s 2022 Chapter 33 Construction Code Revisions Are Here. Are You Ready?

No matter what your role is, being aware of New York City's latest construction code changes can help you to build safe and save you time and money. Our Construction Solutions Team have been examining the 2022 Chapter 33 code changes to give you the most up-to-date analysis and takeaways.

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