Did “Thinking Big” die with Robert Moses? We sure hope not. In the pursuit of infrastructure improvement, quality of life and large-scale innovation, Crain’s New York business showcases 12 visions from 12 different firms of projects worthy of Empire State significance:

From Crain’s New York Business:

In his four-plus decades as New York City’s “master builder,” Robert Moses oversaw the construction of 13 bridges, 416 miles of parkways, 658 playgrounds and 150,000 housing units. In the decades since, even as city planners have done well “building back” much of what time, neglect and, in the case of the World Trade Center, terror had laid low, they have been hard-pressed to approve, let alone complete, any major infrastructure projects on the scale of what Moses accomplished. But as the city’s population surges toward 9 million, the time for thinking small is now past. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of big ideas to fill the void—which is why we asked a group of leading architects, designers and real estate experts to offer up some of their visions for the city’s future. So as we examine Moses’ complex legacy, and its impact on how things get built today, we also glimpse some possibilities to come, and take comfort in the prospect that we can make it here.

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