While we’re all responding to the COVID-19 crisis by doing our part to stop the spread, business as usual is anything but. For how long? None of us are sure. What exactly awaits us on the other side of this crisis? We don’t know but we can anticipate that all of us will be in a restart posture, re-gaining ground that has been lost, shaken up, re-arranged and re-shaped by the consequences of this crisis.

And while it certainly may be a bit of a stretch to see opportunity in this life or death, existential emergency, we do now have the ability to “re-stock” our communications capabilities while business as usual is on hold.

The communications end of our businesses depends greatly on information from the people on the ground, creating the product, building the structures, or delivering the service. In the pre-COVID world, these personnel may not always have the time to help form a company’s communications strategy. But input from the “doers” or “executors” is essential to communications strategy and now we may have time to tap that resource while we’re all hunkered down.

How Can We Help Form a Communications Strategy?

Audience Building: Everyone we meet in our day-to-day world is a potential communications asset. When a company’s employees are out in the field, doing business, they meet potential allies, supporters and customers everywhere they go. Everyone we work with is a potential supporter with influence on their own social universe. Their support and their outward influence can be OUR asset. These contacts can be properly classified and placed into an email list.

What Can I Do with My Audience?

Engage: Direct email is still one the most effective communications tools a company or non-profit can have no matter what kind of business they’re in. Regular communications via email newsletters gives everyone you know the last word on how to talk about you and your business. When we don’t communicate regularly, we leave a void about our brand that others will fill with their own opinion of who we are. Keeping the void filled with our own information reminds people who we are and what exactly we can do.

Where Does the Content Come From?

The News: Every industry changes and is effected by new developments. Put your spin on the events that affect your industry and you remain part of the conversation. Become a trusted source of news about your field and you become an authority on matters affecting your industry. Everyone’s talking about the latest “thing” that’s happening. Get in on those conversations as much as you’re comfortable but don’t be silent while everyone’s ears and eyeballs are engaged in the news of the day.

What’s Going on in Your Company: New developments like staff promotions and new capabilities are worthy of recognition. Don’t grow in a bubble. Share your growth with the world. This is no time to be modest or bashful about even the smallest things. Show friends, clients, and associates that you are continuously on the move.

Your Services: Remind the world of the services you provide. Those who know you may learn a little more, those who don’t know you can become more acquainted with what you offer. Take this time to adjust your service offering to open up to new opportunities. Maybe your services have changed a bit since the last time you branded or created promotional materials. Now is a good time to re-align and update your story about who you are and what you can do.

This Sounds Like a Lot of Work…

It is a lot of work but you may not get another chance to concentrate on this crucial part of your business. When this crisis is over, everyone will be knocked down a few notches, looking for a way back up and out of this dark time. Prepare yourself a better branding and communications platform and you’ll be ready to get back up. If you’re not doing it, your competition is probably doing it and that’s not a good place to be.

Ok. How Do We Do This?

Let’s get the conversation started about how you see your business on the other side of this crisis. We know that entire industries – such as construction – are going to face an entirely new playing field. While it’s hard to predict where our respective places will be in the next world, we can improve our posture and reinforce our brand. It’s a good time to re-inventory our strengths and capabilities and try to see where they will be needed. The narrative that defines us can always be better. Now we have the time to improve it.

Cahill Strategies can provide the following:

Re-drafting your company’s story and re-writing your service offerings. By communicating with leadership and staff, we can re-inventory your abilities and put what YOU know you can do into a story that lets OTHERS know what you can do.

Re-designing your website. While showing up in search results for your industry is important, more often than not, people use your website to validate what they’ve heard about you. Someone mentions your company’s name or sees your logo somewhere, they will look you up to see what you’re about. If you’re in the type of business that bids on projects or answers RFP’s, your website will be the first place people look to find out who you are. Maybe you already have a site. Maybe an entire website re-design is not what you’re looking for. Here at Cahill, we specialize in making sure websites can do two things:

  • Be Dynamic – Have a news feed where your news updates live. News posts will be the destination for your email and social media blasts.
  • Be Found in Search Results. – Many web designers see SEO or Search Engine Optimization – as an extra, at times expensive – service. So, they don’t bother with the basics, thinking they may be able to add it in as another charge. At Cahill, we build the basics of good SEO in from the get-go to give a site a fighting chance for even the most challenging search terms. Your site can probably perform better in search results. We’ll see to it.

Direct Email – Now is a good time to get all of those contacts in order and properly classify where they belong. Everyone you know should be in your lists. Cahill Strategies can set up a MailChimp or Constant Contact account, along with a sign-up destination where people can subscribe to your updates. We can help you get in the habit of forming that monthly newsletter. What’s great about direct email is reading detailed reports about who opens your emails. Know who your supporters are. Know what creates the most engagement. That’s what direct email does.

Social Media – What goes out through email blasts and what is shared on the website, needs to go out on social media. Social media serves these two distinct purposes:

  1. It’s a message publishing outlet with the ability to target within context.
  2. It is where people and brands are found and discovered. Are you findable?

Social media gives us the ability to create and join conversations. And social media gives us the ability to “be discovered”. In the next world, being “discoverable” will be extremely important. You do that by generating content and engaging in other people’s content.

These things are the very basics of a company’s communications assets. Many of us are usually too busy to address, build or reinforce this area of our business. Now just may be the time to do it. Cahill Strategies can deliver these capabilities and help train your staff to make communications part of your company’s routine. Just like people, companies have “hidden talents” or special abilities we know we have but may not be discoverable by the rest of the world. We can help you re-inventory those talents and abilities and put them in a place where they can be found and promoted.

Beyond these basics, Cahill Strategies can also help with developing printed materials like brochures and flyers. We also have a complete, in-house concept-to-shoot-to-edit video production capability. Lets talk about how we can help.

There’s no time like the present to start building the future.

Timothy Hurley, Vice President

Timothy Hurley Timothy Hurley navigates a broad spectrum of media promotion for our clients and our firm. A veteran broadcast television producer, video director, website designer, and social media campaign manager, Tim has extensive practical experience in using different media channels for issue and brand advocacy.

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