Should the current political climate surprise us at all?  Last night, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced that he was switching his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican.  This surprising decision was fueled by the Trump movement that has changed everything we know about political ideals. The announcement took place at a Trump rally that was to empower West Virginia to continue increasing its’ job rate. Apparently Governor Justice felt the Dems have left his state behind, citing his party switch was due to their unprogressive policy agenda.  President Trump went on about him continuing his agenda such as building the wall, bringing back jobs, and ending the Russian investigations, but this turn of events should not be turned away so easily.

The Democratic party is now in disarray. The Governor’s reasons for changing party lines is interesting. The blue dog Democrat does not exist anymore and the progressive agenda that is on the rise in the recent generation of the party is out of control. The ripple effect for the upcoming 2018 elections will be putting pressure on the Democrats to mobilize a better message. Senator Schumer and the rest of the Democratic leadership a week or two ago met with the intention to formalize a final agenda for the party, but clearly, nothing of value came out of it.  Also, although the healthcare initiative of the Republicans failed in the Senate, a couple bad eggs didn’t change the unity of the conservative movement.

President Trump will now gain momentum in support for Governor Justice’s change of political heart. The big White House changes in staffing don’t seem to be affecting the Trump flame from his current and potential supporters. With 34 Republican Governors in the U.S., a record high in U.S. history, how will the Democrats return from this one?