Cahill Strategies COVID-19 Construction Recap

Cahill Strategies COVID-19 Construction Recap

With all the developments in the NYC Construction industry this week we wanted to ensure that none of the major developments or changes were missed.

Major Announcement: The NYC Department of Buildings 2020 Build Safe|Live Safe Conference has been postponed from its original May 8, 2020, a new date has not been set at this time.


In the attempt to streamline the Essential Work/ Emergency Work designation The Department of Buildings has launched two new DOB NOW portals. While there have been glitches along the way, the Essential Construction portal is operational and being further improved nightly.

**Please remember only the AOR can submit the request through this portal. It is also important to remember that the request needs to be made under the MAIN job number for the project only one application per BIN.

**Please note that if a project has more than one BIN that the request needs to be made under each BIN not under each JOB number.

For all new Electrical and Limited Alteration Applications (LAA) you will be required to submit the Essential Construction Questionnaire. The department has also launched a DOB NOW portal for BIS options. This portal is operational for Civil Penalty Review Request (L2) with the plan to have the following items available through this portal in the coming days:

  • Additional Payments
  • Certificates of Correction
  • License Renewals
  • Weekly Safety Inspection Reports

In the effort to move everything online the Records Management Fee payments and Reinstatement Requests for BIS jobs must be submitted online, they can be filed through NYC Buildings eFiling


For all Empire State Development waivers they are still being submitted online. While we are seeing that DOB is denying most projects the State is approving all that meet the guidelines that were set out in EO 202.6.

**Please note that the State has approved certain projects that the DOB has denied– if you have this issue please do not hesitate to reach out as we are working through these issues as they arise.


  • DOB rescinded all previously issued After Hours Variance (AHV) permit
  • Going forward only sites that are approved for essential or emergency work will be granted AHVs
  • DOB launched a Real-Time Essential Activity Map with the approved sites:
  • The FAQ that was released on Tuesday attached to this email for your reference.
  • Weekly Inspection Reports need to be done by a Licensed Site Safety Professional or an SST 62-hour hold. These reports need to be kept onsite and upload on the new portal is created.
  • Permits need to be kept current during this time of suspended construction.
  • DOB has issued a weather advisory for TODAY April 3, 2020- Winds may reach speeds of 30 MPH or higher beginning today.
  • All suspended sites require inspection and documentation of inspections the day of and day after severe weather. The Department will be performing random spot-check inspections of sites throughout the city to ensure that sites are secure.

Supporting Documents:

04-02-20 COVID-19 EC Electrical LAA Records Mgmt Fee Reinstatement SN





Inspection Requirements_Suspended Operations_BB 2020-004_PDF_03-31-2020

****Should you have any questions concerning the guidelines, the DOB essential classification or the ESD waivers please do not hesitate to contact us at 212- 825-1205 or ****

Cahill Welcomes Bob D’Alessio

bob dalessioRobert “Bobby” D’Alessio, is a former New York City Department of Buildings Senior Executive Director of Construction Safety. Mr. D’Alessio’s focus is predominately in the areas of construction code and safety analysis for our clients’ major new building and renovation projects in the New York City and surrounding regions.

As Cahill Strategies’ Construction Code and Safety Consultant, Bob brings an unparalleled level of knowledge and practical experience to our growing construction solutions practice area.

More about Bob D’Alessio…

NYC DOB Publishes Comprehensive Multiyear Safety Report

The Department of Buildings (DOB) announced today the release of a new building construction safety report that provides deep insights on construction safety trends in the five boroughs over the 2019 and 2020 calendar years and examines Department initiatives that led to declines in building construction-related incidents and injuries during that time.

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