Online Service Combs Government Records on Rental Properties, Gives Ratings

A new online service will comb government records for New York City 1.1 million rental properties, assigning ratings and reporting everything from safety violations to legal disputes.

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Construction Dive: How to encourage Hispanic participation amid the construction labor shortage

Census Bureau numbers show that, in 2015, Hispanics edged out their white, non-Hispanic counterparts in New York City's construction workforce and represented 37.75% of all workers, according to a recent New York City Building Congress report. The margin, only 0.01%, was very small, but it represents a departure from a time when white workers dominated the industry. In 2008, for example, white workers represented 43% of the city’s construction industry, while Hispanics were only 31%.

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CRAINS: Cuomo’s budget expands design-build, but not to NYC

New legislation from Gov. Andrew Cuomo would expand the use of design-build—a streamlined bidding process for large infrastructure projects—to all state agencies, according a budget proposal released earlier this week, a move that could prove essential for New York should it have to compete with other states for federal infrastructure dollars.

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Politico: Dueling studies on union membership shape debate over construction trades

As the real estate industry and construction unions prepare for a legislative fight in the City Council over worker safety, new data is being released that suggests non-union workers are more diverse, and more likely to live in New York City, than their counterparts in the city's trades unions.

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The Real Deal: Unions, nonunions fight over construction safety legislation

The battle between union and nonunion contractors is again flaring up over a new set of construction safety bills being proposed before the City Council.

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Associated Builders and Contractors Hold ‘World Class Safety’ Presentation with New York Developers

On January 5th, the Associated Builders and Contractors’ Inc. Empire State chapter held it’s “Road Map to World Class Safety” forum in which dozens of developers and contractors from around the New York City area learned how to enhance their knowledge on the benefits of construction safety reform.

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