Updated: October 25, 2023

We’re thrilled to congratulate our CEO and Founder Diane Cahill being named among PoliticsNY’s “Power Players in Public Relations & Lobbying.”

From PoliticsNY:

Diane Cahill is a highly experienced strategist in government relations and communications, specializing in various sectors, including business and industry, education, construction, and healthcare. She has extensive experience working for clients in both the private and public sectors, working with various levels of business and government. At Cahill Strategies, Diane leads a team of government relations and communications professionals.

What influenced you to pursue a career in this field?

My journey started in advocacy, where I learned that effective campaigns require meticulous strategy and strong communication. My first lobbying effort focused on autism, aiming to convince New York to include autism diagnosis and treatment in private insurance coverage. Despite initial skepticism and misunderstanding, I worked relentlessly to educate supporters and opponents. This campaign became a highlight of my early career and ultimately succeeded. This process became my passion.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in a career in public relations or lobbying?

My passion for work drives me to persuade and change perspectives. From my experience: Prepare thoroughly, work hard, and uphold honesty and integrity. Acknowledge and correct mistakes when they occur. Align your passion with the right people and organizations for a more fulfilling professional journey. Let passion, diligence, honesty, and wise choices guide your career.

What skills do you think are most useful to succeed in this industry?

Lobbying success hinges on a robust work ethic, creative thinking, and a deep understanding of the cause. It’s akin to a chess game, where each move must be weighed for its consequences. Thorough knowledge of the issue is paramount, requiring immersion in its history and nuances. This multifaceted approach ensures advocacy with expertise and persuasiveness. In lobbying and public relations, diligence alone won’t suffice; creativity, strategic thinking, and expertise are equally crucial.

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If you’re part of our New York City construction industry and would like to keep informed of new developments and how your project could be affected, we invite you to sign up for our mailing list. We’ll also send you our complimentary, comprehensive guide to New York City DOB’s new Chapter 33 Building Code revisions.

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Cahill Strategies Construction Solutions Guide to NYC Building Code Chapter 33 Revisions

Cahill Strategies has developed a detailed and documented guide to the most important revisions that New York construction professionals are likely to encounter every day. We were able to do this because Cahill Strategies has been involved instrumentally in the development of these codes.

The 100-page book is meticulously organized and can be used as a handy reference when many common issues arise. In each section, the specific revisions are highlighted, and the new information is presented in a clear and practical manner with further explanation on why the change is so important. All of this, reviewed and vetted by one of New York’s longest serving, former DOB professionals – Cahill Strategies’ Director of Construction Code & Safety, Bobby D’Alessio.

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More on Our Construction Solutions Team

Cahill Strategies is a team comprised of skilled construction industry strategists dedicated to guiding clients through the intricate regulatory and political landscape, resulting in propelling projects within New York City to completion. Our expertise lies in representing large general contractors, sub-contractors, construction management firms, design professionals, and owners/developers.

  • Liaising with City and State regulatory agencies such as NYC DOB, DOT, FDNY, DEP, Landmarks, HPD, DOF, DOH, DOE, and others;
  • Liaising with elected officials and other stakeholders such as NYC Mayor, City Council, Community Boards, NYS Governor, Senate and Assembly;
  • Liaising with public utilities, such as ConEd, National Grid, Water & Sewer;
  • Liaising with private utilities and telecommunication companies;
  • Facilitating submissions to City and State regulatory agencies, Community Boards and other decision makers for project support and approval;
  • Consultation on Stop Work Orders, Violations, Commissioner’s Orders and other enforcement actions; and
  • Consultation and negotiating fines with the NYC or NYS Department of Finance, and other City and State regulatory agencies.

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New York Construction Solutions

Cahill Strategies has experience representing large general contractors, construction management firms, owners, and developers. A key to our success is our vast network of decision makers that we have the ability to reach on your behalf. Additionally, our team is involved in the legislative and regulatory processes at the Federal, State, and Local levels which affect the construction industry in New York State, New York City, and surrounding regions. We possess the knowledge of industry standards and trends, along with key relationships that will bring your projects to fruition. Read more…

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Get to know Bobby D’Alessio

bob dalessio Robert “Bobby” D’Alessio, is a former New York City Department of Buildings Senior Executive Director of Construction Safety. Mr. D’Alessio’s focus is predominately in the areas of construction code and safety analysis for our clients’ major new building and renovation projects in the New York City and surrounding regions.

As Cahill Strategies’ Director of Construction Code and Safety, Bobby brings an unparalleled level of knowledge and practical experience to our growing construction solutions practice area.

More about Bob D’Alessio…

Cahill Strategies Welcomes Bernie Ross Cahill Strategies Welcomes Former NYC DOB Director of Construction Safety Enforcement, Bernie Ross

It is with great pleasure that Cahill Strategies welcomes veteran DOB safety leader Bernie Ross as Senior Construction Safety Associate.

Bernard “Bernie” Ross is former New York City Department of Buildings Director of Construction Safety Enforcement. With more than 20 years serving the DOB as a Construction Inspector, Supervising Inspector, Director Major Projects, and finally, Director of Construction Safety Enforcement. Read more about Bernie here…

Get to know Kevin Moran

Kevin Moran - Cahill Strategies Kevin, the Vice President of Construction Solutions at Cahill Strategies, brings a wealth of experience in the New York construction industry to his role. He has a strong track record of guiding clients through complex building processes, with a range of successful projects under his belt, including commercial and residential developments, infrastructure and transportation projects, and various utility matters.

More about Kevin Moran…