Local Law 147-2021: Definition of Major Buildings  – Effective 12-11-2024

The definition of a major building, according to the New York City DOB will change in December of 2024. This may seem like quite a ways off. But when you consider the effect of needing an increased number of SSM’s and SSC’s on more projects, the industry just can’t prepare too soon. This Safety Week, take a look at Local Law 147-2021 and consider how it may affect your projects…

The existing code defined a major building as being 10 stories/125 feet or greater, or with a building footprint of 100K square feet or greater. The revised code will reduce the height of a major building to 7 stories/75 feet or greater. By changing the definition of a major building, a greater number of jobs will now require a site safety manager or site safety coordinator. The change will not become effective until 12-11-2024. Prior to the change, new buildings from 7 to 9 stories, for example, only required a registered construction superintendent. This change, combined with a change in the construction superintendent regulations (eliminating the exemption for construction superintendent on major buildings requiring an SSM/SSC) means that a major new building (7 stories/75 feet or greater) will require both a registered construction superintendent and a site safety manager or coordinator.

NYC BC, Chapter 2, Section 202

Cahill Strategies has developed a comprehensive guide to NYC DOB’s new Chapter 33 building code revisions, and we want you to have it in your back pocket!

These revisions, affecting dozens of the most important NYC DOB regulations regarding “Safeguards During Construction and Demolition,” touch on nearly every aspect of the construction process in New York City. And now, since its November 7th effective date, the NYC DOB will expect you to know, understand and comply with every rule that applies to your project.

Thankfully, Cahill’s construction solutions team has analyzed and clarified the most important revisions. Our Director of Construction Code & Safety, Bobby D’Alessio is himself a former Senior Executive Director and 30-year veteran of the NYC DOB and has served on the very committee that developed these revisions.

Every chapter in our guide shows you “the code you know” and how it was revised, along with a brief synopsis of the revision and why it’s important to your job.

The new Chapter 33 construction code revisions cover the following areas:

  • Manufacturer specifications, design, and capacity
  • Safeguards and Maintenance of the Site
  • Soil and foundation work
  • Material placement and installation
  • Demolition
  • Protection of pedestrians
  • Unenclosed perimeter protection
  • Protection of adjoining property
  • Requirements for the construction or demolition of major buildings

If you’re doing construction work in New York City, any one of these areas is part of your day-to-day.

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Cahill Strategies Construction Solutions Guide to NYC Building Code Chapter 33 Revisions

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Cahill Welcomes Bob D’Alessio

bob dalessioRobert “Bobby” D’Alessio, is a former New York City Department of Buildings Senior Executive Director of Construction Safety. Mr. D’Alessio’s focus is predominately in the areas of construction code and safety analysis for our clients’ major new building and renovation projects in the New York City and surrounding regions.

As Cahill Strategies’ Director of Construction Code and Safety, Bobby brings an unparalleled level of knowledge and practical experience to our growing construction solutions practice area.

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Get to know Kevin Moran

Kevin Moran - Cahill StrategiesKevin, the Vice President of Construction Solutions at Cahill Strategies, brings a wealth of experience in the New York construction industry to his role. He has a strong track record of guiding clients through complex building processes, with a range of successful projects under his belt, including commercial and residential developments, infrastructure and transportation projects, and various utility matters.

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